The Untethered Soul 
I read Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul, three times. I highly recommend the book to anyone seeking inner peace and a better understanding of our human experience.

My third reading of the book was with my “Soul Sisters” book club. We met each week reading a chapter out loud. Afterward, we discussed what we learned and how to apply the spiritual lessons in our everyday lives. The lessons from Singer’s book have been transformative for me.

One of my greatest discoveries, although there are many, was an understanding of the incessant chatter that goes on in my head. In the first chapter of Singer’s book we learn about those voices and by chapter two we’re spending time observing the voices. I want to share my revelation about the voices in my head by way of a little poem I wrote.

My Little Monsters
sneaking around my mind
laughing and taunting
they hide in every corner
there’s sure to be a haunting

yet it’s hard not to love them
they really mean no harm
my silly little monsters,
darling creatures full of charm

incessantly they chatter
of every imaginable affair
battling for attention
they drive me to despair

as I’ve come to know them,
each creature one by one,
their voices now familiar
I find them rather fun

let me introduce them,
as each takes the stage
each plays a part of me
maiden, mother, and the sage

Miss Control takes the lead as
Miss woe-is-me  begins to whine
Miss Independent pushes forward as
Miss Impatient goes off-line

Miss Look-at-me, twirls for the mirror
to reveal Miss Insecure glaring back
Miss Judge and Jury rolls her eyes
all three fearing attack

alas, Little Miss Sunshine
wears her rose-colored shades
the world’s a happy place
as she frolics in charades

Miss Gullible swallows hard,
stomps her feet, looking smug
proved naïve by the world,
Little Miss Sunshine gives her a hug

I confess to these antics
with a lead role in the play
exalting in the drama
and reveling in the melee

but I have since left the stage,
observing from a distance
applauding each performance
there’s no point in resistance

a realization of the madness
of all that’s not been said
I relax in the knowing
I am not the monsters in my head!


Have you spent much time getting to know the voices in your head? We’ll learn more about them in Chapter Two. In the meantime, it does beg the question,… if I am not the voices in my head, then who am I?  Michael Singer explores that question in Chapter Three.  Stay tuned.





5 thoughts on “The Voice(s) in My Head

  1. As the mother of all “your little monsters” the joy of watching you center stage, leaves me very proud of the person you’ve become!!

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