B is for Belief

What do you believe? In my opinion, what you believe has power and influences how you see the world and your place in it.  What you believe is also what you tend to experience.

I’ve been asked this question many times, “So what do you believe Sue?” And my response continues to be the same: I believe all things are possible; that this is a friendly universe; that people are innately good; that we are spirit immersed in a human experience; and that we are all one, from one source.

My answer often elicits an “eye roll” with the response, “Oh, so you’re one of those, Pollyanna types with her head in the clouds.” To which I respond, “Yes, and it’s lovely up here with my view of the world, why don’t you join me?”

I’ve become accustomed to being teased for being too optimistic, too trusting, too nice. But  I’d rather be all those things than a negative-nelly or Chicken Little with the sky falling around me.

If what we believe affects the way we experience the world, is it possible to change the way we look at things? Is it possible to change our beliefs? I believe it is if we can stay open to hearing other opinions, seeing other perspectives – living with an open mind and open heart.

The Great Buddha tells us, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, even if I have said it unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

So, I will close this blog with a few questions. What do you believe? What is true for you? Are you willing to keep an open mind and open heart?

~ Namaste



19 thoughts on ““B” is for Belief

  1. You made me think of my favorite story about two Buddhist monks, one old and wise, the other young and foolish. They come to a river where a young woman needs to cross but tells them she can not swim. The old monk picks her up and carries her across, putting her down on the other side and going about his way. The young monk begins to chastise the older monk, how could you do that, we are never supposed to have contact with a woman. The old and wise monk says “True, but I left her back by the river, you are carrying her still.”

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  2. Wow I was just thinking about this earlier today! I honestly believe that life is all about our perception. Positive belief correlates to a more positive reality whereas negative belief creates a more negative reality (kinda like self sabotage). It’s important that we believe in ourselves and be in tune with what feeds our spirit…Nice post!

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  3. I’m definitely not an optimist 🙂

    But I reconnected with an old friend and she is simply the most positive person I’ve ever met and one of the few people who, when I spend time around her, refuels me with energy and creativity. And she’s infectious. There is so much emotional strength in positive people. It’s hard work.

    As for me – to answer your question – I guess I believe in possibilities. I think we live and breath them everyday!

    See you for ‘C’!

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  4. “What do I believe?”
    I believe the Sun will rise every morning, although some day I will not.
    I believe my heart loves unconditionally and thrives madly (and happily) in the shimmer that dances in my lady love’s eyes; just as it aches like an old bone-deep injury, and will break as easily like a fragile figurine whenever we are apart and “On That Day” when we will be separated
    Sir Leprechaunrabbit 🍀🐰
    I believe Tomorrow must be better than Today, as Today is better than Yesterday.

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      1. With the right inspiration, words can invoke feelings and awaken all one’s senses, Dearie 🌹
        Your words struck a nerve, I had to write.🍀🐰
        Sir Leprechaunrabbit

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  5. I believe in looking for the good, kind and positive choice in each moment as it comes. Choosing the best seems to bring even more good things. I used to spend my time analyzing why and worrying about what I ‘should’ do. For me that brought anxiety, and I find I live a better life taking things as they are and accepting my intuitive guidance instead of spending energy trying to define everything.

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  6. One thing is for sure: we can change the way we look at things. I have always envied people who have this fantastic approach! It is great thing to live life like you do. I am more of a cautious optimist for the most part.
    I suppose, my personal life experience and my other job which is medical writing and translations doesn’t allow me to escape the reality. When I’m putting together some clinical trial data and it is clear that by the end of this trial minimum 30% of participants will be in a better world, or when I compare patient discharge summaries which include “exitus letalis”, or when I deal with statistics which say that every 5th person in North America has some kind of mental issue from mild cognitive impairment or clinically insignificant depression to severe mental impairment which manifests as either life threatening depression, dementia or Alzheimer’s, I just cannot pretend these data do not exist. I am lucky to have my art which takes care of balance, but as a fighter for truth and awareness I am not even trying to mask the alarming signals.
    Well, I always enjoy reading posts like this one. I am also trying to make good choices not only for me, but also those ones who would have to experience the effects of my choices. It’s tough because of the physical pain and limitations, but I’m trying to be honest and in good terms with myself. I pay attention to advise you have implemented in your post, however, I am also aware I will never be free of the reality which is not pleasant every day.

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