O is for Obsession
Do you have an obsession? Maybe more than one? Obsessions, like many things in life can be good or bad – it’s our thinking that makes it so. I had to give some thought to what I obsess over. I thought about, and thought about it and … you guessed it – I’m obsessed with thinking! Obsessed with the mind! Mind is a scary place

The great Zen masters speak of the “no mind” – our true essence, our true self. I tell myself I need to “lose my mind” and stop obsessing, stop over -thinking. But how?

As humans, we all obsess at times over someone or something. We tend to grasp and cling to people and things. When we lose our grip, and those people or things fade away, as they always do, we suffer. A friend once shared a quote from Anthony De Mello, a Jesuit Priest, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher.

‎”I have no fear of losing you, for you aren’t an object of my property, or anyone else’s. I love you as you are, without attachment, without fears, without conditions, without egoism, trying not to absorb you. I love you freely because I love your freedom, as well as mine.”
~ Anthony De Mello

Ah, but if we could only love and live as De Mello describes, without attachment, without fear. It is  our fear of loss that causes us to obsess. We obsess over money, our appearance, material possessions, our partner, our children, sometimes smothering those we love.

Every major religion and  wisdom tradition provides guidance on how to end or deal with suffering. In the Buddhist tradition, the way out of suffering is through the eight-fold path; the middle way. In Taoism it is through acceptance and wu-wei (non-doing). Christianity provides guidance within the scriptures, through prayer and faith.

What I’ve come to realize, is most of what I obsess over is of my own making – dramas created and played out in my own mind. I’m working on finding the middle way, practicing acceptance, and praying for guidance and healing. But mostly, I’m trying to remember to calm down, relax, breathe, and stay present and practice gratitude.

Dont sweat the small stuffLet me end with this quote from one of my favorite little books, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson.

~ Namaste

12 thoughts on ““O” is for OBSESSION

  1. I was wondering what you would choose for O. My bet had been on “openness.” Either that or “opportunity.” But it is interesting to see how any word can lead us down a valuable path of contemplation!

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  2. I wish too we can love as Anthony De Mello has stated. But this fear of losing makes us cling and suffer. In the end, we do realize only the people/place/things that are meant to be, stick with us.

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  3. Sometimes I think obsessing about things comes with being a mom, a wife or a caregiver. Before we can carry a burden (by that I mean the trials that come along- not the richness of our relationships) we have to deal with the burden emotionally. The problem with obsessing is that it’s like being caught in the dryer- round and round. We need to stop, open the door and let a few socks fall out. Admit it to God is what I do. ‘I’m afraid about this. THINGS could go wrong.’ Maybe God needs a list. Of course He doesn’t need a list. Still, perhaps I could point out all the things that seem to be going wrong and how I think He could fix them. Right now. Oh, wait, the Bible says I’m supposed to wait and trust- no matter how many times I tell myself that conclusion still when a worry comes up, I worry. But God understands.

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  4. Are you familiar with the books: Acres of Diamonds, and Science of getting rich? I know how they may sound, but, being quite familiar with these works, I think it safe to say that….you may just find exactly what you seek within them. Sometimes the answers we seek, rest where we have yet to gaze.

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