V is for Vexed Lest you believe this mystic is all sunshine and rainbows, think again my friend! I have my dark days and dark side too and at the moment I’m annoyed, irritated – VEXED! I feel the coming of a full moon.

Full Moon

As I write this post, April 21, the moon is in Scorpio and the tugging has begun. In a recent article in Collective Emotion, Carmen Di Luccio, describes it this way:

“Whenever we have a Full Moon, whatever sign it is in is felt the most strongly out of both polarities. Scorpio has a very powerful energy which can manifest in both positive and negative ways. At best Scorpio can be deep, transformative, strategic, loving, and generous, with no room for superficiality. At worst Scorpio energy is controlling, manipulative, jealous, obsessive, vengeful, deceitful, and overly suspicious. Death and rebirth are also Scorpio themes.”

I know many are skeptical of the “lunar effect” on humans and science has yet to make the connection but I don’t need science to tell me what I experience with the coming of a full moon – it pulls me into the dark places. The dark energy typically releases in some creative creation. Last month, with the full moon in Libra, the energy was expressed with a poem of sorts. “Write it out, sista!” I told myself, get those words down on the page and release the darkness. And so I did, and here you have it, Written in Blood.

Written in Blood

It is often through our art, in whatever form it takes, that we release the darkness and bring it into the light, allowing us to re-center and restore balance in our lives.

As for the power of the moon, it moves oceans, and as Rumi, the great Sufi Mystic said:

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are an entire ocean in a drop.”

~ Blessings

8 thoughts on ““V” is for Vexed

  1. My son also feels the pull of the full moon although he won’t admit it. When our customers get grouchy and argumentative, it is always around a full moon. It causes dark days for many. Science may have caught up with you because it’s usually a very busy time for law enforcement and medical community and they admit the moon is the reason why. Good for you for writing it out. Creativity is sparked by light and dark and even the grey in between.

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