W is for Wu-Wei
I want a tattoo that says, “Wu Wei” on the  inside of my wrist. It would be my first tattoo and I’m no youngster. So why now? Honestly, I’ve never been able to decide on a tattoo I could live with for the rest of my life – until now.

Wu Wei, literally means “non-doing” and is an important concept in Taoism. It means natural or right action, action that doesn’t require struggle or effort. Going with the flow of life instead of fighting against it. For me, Wu Wei is also a reminder to practice the art of acceptance and patience.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

I want to be able to see my tattoo as a reminder to practice Wu Wei in every moment of every day. I’ve narrowed the possible fonts to these, what do you think?
Wu Wei fonts

As a temporary measure, I’m using a black sharpie and drawing “Wu Wei” on my wrist. My daughter disapproves, telling me the inside of my wrist is the worst place for a tattoo, too many veins, she says. So, I’m seeking advice from my friends in the blogosphere. Any suggestions on tattoo location and font?

And, for those interested in learning more about Taoism and Wu wei, check it out here.

~ Namaste

16 thoughts on ““W” is for Wu-Wei

  1. If i was going for a tattoo that I wanted to be able to see, as a reminder, I would probably put it on the back of the wrist, like a watch. But I never will because inflicting pain on myself is never going to happen. Blessings and looking forward to seeing it when it’s done. Joy

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  2. so here’s my tattoo experience. The fleshier the area the gentler the process. The more tendons, bones, or ligaments you have the more painful. I have two on my back, very little sweat. I have one on the top of my foot, excruciating. But in comparison to child birth, it’s all cake walk, honey.
    As a side note, go colorful…why stop at half way when you can make it as stunning as you are?

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      1. Yeah, I’ve tried it a few times. Like yoga, it’s just not my thing. I practice mindfulness, ride my bike 50 mi/wk and stretch every day. I’m just getting to the point in life that I don’t want to do what I don’t want to do! But I hope you love it, as does my girl 😉

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