Alone FramedWho are you when everything has been stripped away? How long could you live by yourself in the wilderness? This is the premise of the show Alone on the History Channel.

alone_season 1 FramedTen people are chosen and dropped off in remote locations on the rugged coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are allowed ten items to help them survive, alone, in the wilderness. The season one winner lasted 56 days alone in the wilderness. He emerged 60 pounds lighter and forever changed.

Alone: Season One Survivor
Alone: Season One Survivor

“I’m just saying, balance in all things. We’re gonna have to slow down, think and get back to being real people, listening to each other. I think if we focused on what we have in common instead of where we differ things would change.” ~ Alan Kay, Alone, Season One Survivor

I started watching season two last week and can’t help but wonder if I have the hutzpa to survive alone in the wilderness.  Heck, I get scared when hubby goes off for a weekend hunting trip and leaves me alone in the house! I can only imagine how terrified I would be in the woods alone, in the dark!

alone-cast-season-2 FramedIt’s interesting to watch what happens to these men (they included women in season two) as they struggle with survival in the harsh elements. Sure, building a shelter, making fire, finding fresh water and food require skill and effort but often that’s not what leads to the folks tapping out. It’s the mental fortitude needed to survive without the comfort of another human, left to their own thoughts. It’s not so much the “things out there” that they have to worry about, it’s what’s inside their own mind that they fear most.

It’s the weekend, so grab some popcorn and marathon your way through season one if you missed it. Full episodes of season one and the first three episodes of season two are available on the history channel website.

Join me on Monday and we’ll explore man’s search for meaning. I bet some of the folks from season one could tell you all about that.  Stay tuned ~

Have a great weekend my fellow travelers!


13 thoughts on “Friday Features: Alone

  1. I will say metaphorically,we are alone in a forest of others. Communicating with trees is easier than attempting to communicate with people and so , which challenge would bring the greatest growth?Mmmm?


    1. Some of them are not very quiet. In fact that talk incessantly to themselves. I find it quite interesting to watch – I see myself in many of them.


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