Marlo Thomas 1966
Marlo Thomas 1966

I wanted to be her – THAT GIRL! I was five-years-old when Marlo Thomas tossed her hat in the air in the middle of New York City and became “That Girl”. The sitcom, launched in 1966, was the first of its kind to feature a young single career woman, living alone in the big city.  In honor of the fifty year anniversary, let’s meet the present day “That Girl, version 3.0”.


Seattle Sunset3 Framed
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She’s a millennial living on the west coast in Seattle, the Emerald City. She leases a mid-century apartment in the hipster Ballard District and works for a tech company. She’s a college-educated twenty-something with a busy social life that she shares via Instagram, Snapchat, and the occasional Facebook post.

On this day at work, she’s at the Seattle Convention Center for her company’s annual employee meeting and is surrounded by co-workers from around the world. The annual meeting resembles a sci-fi convention with laser lights and big screens. Skinny jeans, booties, and top knot scarfs are standard office attire for women at this global gathering.

goggle image
Goggle Image

The employee afterparty is an Uber ride uptown in the artsy Fremont District where gourmet food trucks line the block. Microbrew beer and fine wine are served in white tents, adorned with twinkling lights. Entertainment includes Rockaraoke (karaoke with a live rock band) and Silent Disco (clubbers wear old-school wireless headsets and sing and dance to their favorite disco tunes). Photo booths are set up and provide the backdrop for selfies and smartphones allow quick uploads to social media in real time.

On any given night, at the mid-century apartment, our millennial is practicing her gourmet cooking skills through a home delivery service called, Blue Apron.  After dinner, she checks in with Chadwick, her personal stylist via the Trunk Club app on her smartphone.  Before calling it a night, she’ll write a review on the latest beauty products she received through her Birchbox subscription. Life is good.

Ashley That Girl

The millennial “That Girl, version 3.0″ is my daughter Ashley – the one with the wicked sunglasses! (I’m stealing those next time she visits)  She’s living her dream in the big city and I’m proud of her! But wait! We skipped a generation!


So what happened to version 2.0? Well, that would be my generation. I came of age in the seventies and yes, I love disco! I had a successful career and raised a family with the love and support of my husband of thirty years. I was fortunate to retire early to pursue my passions. I traded in my business card for a quirky calling card that lists my new endeavors: Artist, Writer, and Mystic (aka woo-woo aficionado). And now I’m exploring the blogosphere and learning Tai Chi. Life is good!


But I want to take a moment and thank all the women that came before me! The generations of women that included my mother and grandmother, who stood up for injustice and sacrificed so their daughters could realize their dreams. My wish is for women around the world to have the same opportunity, to live and grow in a world that values them for their contribution to the world. Because every woman should have the opportunity to be “That Girl” and live the good life!

~ Namaste



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