Bubble gum bag framed

We were captivated as we watched the pink bubble grow bigger and BIGGER. And then, it emerged, a smaller bubble within the large pink bubble. Slowly, the small bubble began to grow bigger and BIGGER.

Bubble TeriFramed

It was pure GENIUS!

Teri had managed to blow a bubble the size of her face and then another bubble within the bubble! Her cheeks puffed out as she blew more air into her masterpiece! Then,


Teri’s face was covered in gooey pink gum!


We cheered and laughed as we crowned Teri the winner of our annual office bubble blowing contest!

We asked how she’d managed it. Her secret, she shared, was to chew two pieces of bubble gum at once so you had more to work with – BRILLANT! And so it went, in future years, that we fought to see how many pieces of bubble gum we could chew at one time while mastering the DOUBLE BUBBLE!

It was an office tradition, back in the day. We loved to find ways to “play” at work! In fact “fun” was part of our office mantra, “We get it done while having fun!”

Now I know there are those who say there is no place for such antics in the workplace, to which I say “PHOOEY”!! (That’s a technical term for buzz-kill!)

Early in my career, I worked in an environment where laughter was prohibited and attempts at play were grounds for dismissal.  I remember thinking, “If ever I’m ‘Queen of Everything’ I’m going to declare laughter and play a requirement!”

And so it came to pass, in my Cinderella story of a career, that I was given the opportunity to lead a talented group of professionals. It took some time to master the art of leadership, (that’s a blog for another day) but one thing I knew from the start was I wanted to create an environment that encouraged laughter, play, and creativity!

Enter the double bubble! Our weekly staff meetings often started with an inspirational quote (everyone was required to take a turn – no one got a pass on creativity and inspiration!) One year we read “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson – one chapter each week. We had bubble gum blowing contests, scavenger hunts,  and a variety of team events. We also worked hard, developed our strategic plan, set our annual goals – and attained them! Happy equals productive … just sayin.

I realize that our office culture may not work for everyone or every profession but let me offer up a little challenge. On Monday, bring a bag of bubblegum to work and on your break, or lunch hour, challenge your co-workers to a bubble gum blowing contest.  You’ll  make some memories but most of all you’ll laugh – and any day you can laugh at work is a good day! Do it! I dare ya!

It’s the weekend peeps….go buy your bubblegum and practice the “double bubble”!!!


10 thoughts on “Friday Features ~ LET’S BLOW BUBBLES!

  1. In finance, we always thought you guys in ES had so much fun. We were envious! I wholeheartedly agree that happy equals productive. Really enjoyed reading this and learning how to blow a double bubble!

    Liked by 1 person

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