The 10 12 Inclinations
I have a unique list I want to share with you. The list contains ten and one-half inclinations – sounds mysterious doesn’t it? Although the list is intended for children, I think you will want to take heed of its message.
I stumbled upon the list while reading, A Time for New Dreams, a book of essays by Ben Okri,  an award-winning Nigerian poet and novelist.  Among his many thought-provoking essays I discovered the “The 10 1/2 Inclinations”.
Okri had been asked by the Royal Society of Literature to recommend the top ten books that children should read before leaving school. Okri rebelled, and instead submitted the following:

 “The 10 1/2 Inclinations”

1 ~There is a secret trail of books meant to inspire and enlighten you. Find that trail.

2 ~ Read outside your nation, color, class, gender.

3 ~ Read the books your parent’s hate.

4 ~ Read the books your parent’s love.

5 ~ Have one or two authors that are important, that speak to you; and make their works your secret passion.

6 ~ Read widely, for fun, for stimulation, for escape.

7 ~ Don’t read what everyone else is reading. Check them out cautiously, later.

8 ~ Read what you’re not supposed to read.

9 ~ Read for your own liberation and mental freedom.

10 ~ Books are like mirrors. Don’t just read the words. Go into the mirror. That is where the real secrets are. Inside. Behind. That’s where the gods dream, where our realities are born.

10 1/2 ~  Read the world. It is the most mysterious book of all.

Have a magical Monday my fellow readers! ~ Namaste

15 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ The 10 1/2 Inclinations

  1. I have heartily embraced all the steps. We are book lovers here, have always been. My 2 girls, as well. Nothing like getting lost in another culture, another country, another time, another reality. Good post!

    Liked by 1 person

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