Words of Time Pic

old words they see
the writers of time
flower the pages
and mask them in rhyme

take care and take notice
and read line by line
of all that’s not said
over history and time

the words not yet spoken
never whispered aloud
find their way to the pages
but hide from the crowd

these truths are eternal
beyond space and time
no mortal be bothered
these riddles unwind

lest the words point the way
and the way be known
all who wander and wonder
the way would be shown

no words can contain
the truth from within
to each it is known
from where to begin

look not for the master
the key to the door
the light is left on
your purpose to soar

don’t trouble your thoughts
with questions of time
or the voices that whisper
and rattle your mind

the observer within
watches and waits
your own free will
reveals your fate

your story now written
in the stars it takes hold
aware in the knowledge
that all is not told

a realization bestowed
upon your last days
that a life fully lived
is worthy of praise

and so you release
lay down your pen
into the heavens
your story ascends

Poetry By Sue

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