Stories of Lore

They arrived in earnest
late one night
from whence they came
I have no sight

yet from my pen
they filled the pages
stories of lore
throughout the ages

stories of angst
love and betrayal
pain and misery
the phantoms wail

verse after verse
each story alive
the spirits spoke
my task to transcribe

my mind bewitched
tears filled my eyes
my heart ached with sorrow
from tales of demise

I search for meaning
in the stories portrayed
each demands a hearing
I dare not disobey

and so I relent
letting go of the reigns
aware that the spirits
compose in quatrains

but the hour is late
and so I protest
enough is enough
I must get my rest!

and now I lament
over stories yet told
but await the return
and the haunting of souls

tired and weary
I fall to the floor
as dawn makes approach
ending stories of lore

Poetry By Sue

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