Paper Art

I love the organic, tactile quality of working with paper. There’s a connection with nature and the nature lover in me wants to honor the sacred sacrifice of the tree by creating something beautiful. I’m fascinated by what you can create with paper.  Here are a few of my paper creations.

The Exploding Box

The exploding box is a work of art and makes a great gift when filled with notes or treats…

Exploding box made entirely of craft paper
Exploding box made entirely of craft paper
…remove the lid and voilà!

Inside of the exploding box
Inside of the exploding box
When the lid is taken off, the four sides of the box fall away and reveal its contents. In this case, the box was filled with handmade paper flowers and each side had a pocket that held a pull-out note card. I made this box for my mom on Mother’s Day a few years ago. There are so many possibilities with the exploding box, check them out here.

The Wisdom Book

I wanted to create a handmade wisdom book that contained some of my favorite quotes. It is one of my treasures.

Paper Crafted Wisdom Book
Paper Crafted Wisdom Book
It was rather complex to put together, but worth the effort.

Wisdom Book2 Framed
Inside the wisdom book

The wisdom book contains many layers
The wisdom book contains many layers
Hmmm, maybe I should make an exploding box of ancient wisdom! You may be laughing right now…but seriously, the idea just came to me as I write this post. What pearl of wisdom would you include in an exploding box? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.  So please share your favorite quote in comments if you’re so inclined.

For more amazing paper creations, click here.


21 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ Paper Arts ~ Exploding Boxes and Ancient Wisdom

  1. In my early school years we kept autograph albums and my mothers quote is my favorite and I’ll never forget it.
    I wish you health
    I wish you wealth
    I wish you gold in store
    I wish you heaven after death
    What could I wish you more

    Love you paper ideas!

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