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New Art Journal

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After retiring  from a career in public service I was excited to reconnect with my passion for the arts. I made a pledge  to create art every day in an art journal for an entire year. I recognized the importance of stretching my creative muscles after years away from my craft. I also wanted to try some new techniques.  These pictures are just a few samples from my art journal.

My 2016 Art Journal Cover
My 2016 Art Journal Cover

I’m also learning the art of creative writing. Starting a blog was suggested as a way to develop a writing practice and I enjoy blogging, but more recently I listened as two of my writer friends discussed the benefit of writing “morning pages”.   I glanced over at my friend’s journal as she shared her morning pages, written in a beautiful lavender script.

I was intrigued, so I researched the practice of morning pages and found a great article in The Guardian I’ll share here. There are a few rules to morning pages as introduced by Julia Cameron, in her book, The Artist’s Way. You’re encouraged to write your morning pages in longhand and you must fill three full-length pages. The effects over time are said to be profound.  Studies have  also shown that there is an organic, emotional connection when writing  longhand with pen and paper that simply doesn’t translate when typing on a computer. I recall an article on this very topic a few months ago in the Huffington Post. If you’re interested you can check out the research here.

I’m going to try my hand at morning pages and report back in a future blog – if you have suggestions or experience with morning pages, please share!

Whatever your creative outlet, I encourage you to stay connected with it in some way whether it’s an art journal, secret diary, morning pages, blogging,  or meditation. Do what works best for you and stretch your creative muscles, keep them limber and flexible.

May you find peace and happiness in those mindful moments when the magic of creative flows from within.

~ Namaste


12 thoughts on “Friday Features – Art Journals & Morning Pages

  1. How coincidental, Sue. I started doing morning pages over a month ago following Julia Cameron’s book, “the Artist’s Way”. I like the free stream of consciousness writing I get into. It’s meditative, and if I’m having a problem, can seem to look at it more objectively.

    The hardest part was writing fast to keep up with my thoughts, which meant being sloppy. Also finding a pen that moves fast enough. I have some cheapo fountain pens coming in the mail today to try. Fast pens have becomes my new obsession, besides the morning pages. I write in an inexpensive spiral bound notebook. Having always prided myself on neat, legible, handwriting, I laugh at how messy my writing gets. At this point, I don’t care if anyone tried to read the pages because I can barely decipher them…ha-ha! It’s very freeing.

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      1. Thank you for the pen tip, Sue! I will definitely check it out.

        I look forward to reading what you think about your morning pages.

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  2. So beautiful. Thanks for the tips. I’m enjoying trying out visual expression as my morning page, as I write so much for work. I’m finding it really freeing.


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