the path

Nary, Nary, I dare not tarry to find my own way home. 

Through the wood and bramble berry, I walk this path alone. 

Unto the stars, my eyes do linger

and to the moon, I stretch a finger

and call upon the goddess above

to shine her light on truth and love. 

High aloft a zephyr blows

and the goddess speaks of all she knows. 

“My darling, darling, daring girl

who dares to step beyond her world,

to truth and love each path does lead,

each path a lesson in which to heed. 

Walk in the knowing as life unfolds

each truth revealed, avows your soul. 

Your mortal life, confined to seasons,

live it fully, search not for reasons!

March on dear girl, through wood and berry. 

Trust the way, lest you tarry!”

Poetry By Sue

17 thoughts on “Poetry ~ The Path

  1. I remember having a dream once, from which I woke up speaking in what was definitely not modern lingo. I was a black woman in Missouri and my man had left me to go to Boston where he hoped to become a doctor. The fact that a different tongue existed deep in my consciousness led me to feel it was a past life. So I could imagine a poem emerging like that…

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    1. It’s a rather haunting feeling actually. Not scary but I do feel her presence. When this poem came through it wasn’t finished so it was a collaboration of sorts. I try to stay open to all the mysteries of the universe… keeps life interesting😊

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  2. That is amazing. It is about more than poetry, more than life, and more than the poet or poets. It’s all that in synergy, and more. A wonderful poem born of mystery, intrigue, and perhaps another world. Well done! (Both of you.)

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