Have you heard them – the voices in the fan? Seriously, entire conversations ensue while you’re trying to fall asleep?

I thought it was my imagination until one night my husband sprung from the bed shouting, “Turn that darn thing off! I can’t sleep for all the voices coming from the fan!

He had heard them too! And so we went about comparing note: Yes, more than one voice, clearly humans, not sure of the language. How perfectly intriguing it was! I love a good mystery!

But I can’t sleep without white noise, so we compromised. I turned off the window fan in exchange for the bathroom exhaust fan. No voices in the bathroom, at least not yet. So maybe it was our house – could it be haunted? Nah, we purchased it new at the turn of the century, surely there were no spirits lingering about. Maybe hubby and I were both going mad. And then, a few weeks later …

… while chatting with my friends over coffee, one of them exclaimed that her fan was at it again. “Oh?” I inquired.

“Yeppers, the voices are back. Drives me batty,” she muttered. I was overjoyed to find another who hears the voices, but before I could chime in yet another friend at the table said she has the same problem with her fan! Holy smokes! Maybe the fans are haunted, or the spirits get wrapped up in them, or something to do with electromagnetic waves….my imagination was all a stir with possibilities.

“Auditory hallucinations,” came a voice from the other end of the table. “Our mind wants to make sense of the white noise rushing past our ears, hence the voices.”

“Oh drats! How sensible and mundane logic is! I rather like the idea of voices in my fan,” I said, pouting. And there the conversation shifted to sensible and mundane things one could wrap their head around. Phooey!

Pssst, just between us, I don’t believe it’s auditory hallucinations. Life is far too mysterious for such a simple answer. And I rather love the mysterious and unexplained – so voices it shall be!

Now if I can just figure out what they’re talking about……


12 thoughts on “Voices in the Fan

  1. Since the fan must be on, I don’t see how they can be hallucinations (and what is wrong with ‘hearing things’?). Your ghosts need fans to move air across their vocal chords, just as we do. I like some noise, and I use fans, but I prefer rain sounds for sleeping.

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  2. When we first moved in here we slept in what would someday be the dining room, and for winter humidity I always kept a huge aluminum 20 qt. kettle on top of the woodstove. It would sing all night long. As I fell asleep it would serenade me with guitar, or percussion, or violins. I could hear the music, the rhythms, and while there were never words, there was music.

    I never had a problem with window fans, maybe next summer Ill listen more closely.

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