Got drama? If not, you have the power to create your own.

But the real question is – do you want drama or do you want peace? You may be surprised to find that often you’ll choose drama. The choice isn’t right or wrong but it is just that – a choice. I confess to enjoying my soap opera, escaping into the drama of another world. It’s not my drama, but I’m entertained watching fictionalized drama.

As for personal drama, I try to avoid it. Most of my drama is a solo affair. My drama is self-inflicted by my own thoughts,speculations, and assumptions. One of the fastest ways to get my mind in drama making mode is to create a void, a lack of information – not knowing or only having half the story causes my imagination to go into overdrive and come up with the worst case scenario.

Drama is the ego’s art form and the ego wants a stage and an audience. Our egos are notorious for taking everything personally!  If we believe we’ve been slighted, we go into defense mode. Often times the things we’re offended by weren’t even aimed at us but we lash out anyway because our ego wants the limelight of center stage.

According to Eckhart Tolle, there is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right. Being right requires others to be wrong, further adding to the ego’s sense of superiority.

So how do you get your ego in line and minimize  your self-induced drama? In one word, mindfulness.  When we’re centered in the present moment the ego falls away.

Now, back to the question in the title of this post, “Who’s your Drama”….can you guess?

Yep, you guessed it – YOU!  We create, invite and attract drama to our lives.  If you don’t believe that, pay attention next time you find yourself embroiled in drama. Take a deep breath, pull back from the situation and see it for what it really is, your ego on the stage, beating its chest and insisting you’re right and others are wrong. When you hear yourself defending your position or find yourself offended by something someone said – that’s your ego, in a soap opera of its own making.

Remember, you always have a choice, peace or drama. Choose wisely.

~ Namaste



5 thoughts on “Monday Musing ~ Who’s your Drama?

  1. Sometimes, they are my monkeys and it is my circus. At other times, I proudly stir the pot. Drama-maker sounds so much nicer than trouble-maker, don’t cha think? “Mind the gap.”


  2. When I was young I craved drama, not because I wanted to cause trouble, but because I subconsciously yearned for the world to be important. Being mundane and boring…. ugh! I dreamed of trouble and being rescued. By my early 20’s and on the flip side I abhorred actually being in the ‘person in trouble under the microscope’ spot. Now that I’ve lived through hard times, I’ve discovered the difference between drama and the painful truth- that hard times are just hard. I see the drama counterfeit and roll my eyes when I wake up feeling tragic. Now the teen-aged girl in me mainly only comes out when I see a rat running in my old-and-close-to-the-river house. Just lately my husband found the hole the awful things were coming in to the house through behind the wash machine. Unfortunately although new rats aren’t finding their way in, there’s still an old canny rat sneaking about at night. It stole the food from the trap and ran away laughing a few nights ago. My three dogs- worthless creatures, finally got up from sleep to check it out. ‘Some help you are….’ I muttered. And so I confess, when I went to go downstairs for a last visit to the bathroom before sleep, and I saw Mr. Rattigan running right up my banister (!!!) my inner drama queen rose to the surface and took over. “Rick!” I squeaked in a high voice a second later, shaking him awake. “Huh… wha…” he said. “There’s a…RAT!” I said, pointing. Explanation enough. He threw back the covers and went to go see. Now there’s a man that loves me. My prince in charming armor.


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