Hurricane Matthew threatens my childhood home on Edisto Island.

Edisto Island
Edisto Island
Our family beach house
Our family beach house
I guess that’s not entirely true. My grandparent’s home has long been gone, replaced by a more modern home but the island itself holds all my best childhood memories and will forever be “home”.

My sisters and I spent our summers on Edisto Island with our grandparents. Growing up military brats we led a gypsy lifestyle during the school year but every summer our grandparents flew us home to the island.

When we were young..sistas!
Sweet tea, boiled peanuts, blue-bottle trees and trips in the Scout down the oak lined dirt road to Pink’s veggie stand and Botany Bay are all treasured memories from my summers in the south.

Road to Botany Bay
Road to Botany Bay
My southern accent vanished long ago, save the “y’all” but my southern blood runs deep even after 30 years as a transplant in the Pacific Northwest. I went from the land of the low-country hoodoo blue root to the land of vampires. LOL. It seems every region has its lore.  But that’s a blog for another day.

Our last visit to Edisto, 2010
Our last visit to Edisto, 2010
For now, as I watch the weather channel, I want to send love and prayers to all my kin on the Carolina coast. Be safe y’all.

5 thoughts on “Longing for Home on Edisto Island, SC

  1. Love it! Love YOU Sista! In military terminology, Edisto was always my permanent HOME address. In my meditations our beach path and our front beach are my go to places for peace … 🙂

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