I’ve decided to return to my spiritual roots and keep a promise I made when I first created this blog.

In the beginning, the focus was my spiritual path. Earlier this year, I wrote about The Voices in my Head, from Chapter One of Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul – you can read the post here.

My promise was to share my spiritual journey with a chapter by chapter review of Singer’s book; a book which I believe provides a strong spiritual foundation. But life got a hold of me, blogging challenges in April, summer vacations with grandkids while editing of my memoir, and then, a devastating family loss in September. That loss brought great sorrow and I realized I need to get my spiritual house in order.  Of course, I could continue to make excuses – National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, launches in November and I will be participating again this year, but no more excuses! If ever I needed a spiritual refresher course it’s now!

My plan over the next several weeks is to post my insights from each chapter of Singer’s book. I’ll post on Mondays and try to keep the posts short, between 300 – 500 words.

I hope you’ll join me on this spiritual journey. I recommend Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul, for anyone interested in the spiritual path. The book provides a strong foundation for those seeking to understand our human experience and live their best life.

Let me entice you with an excerpt from the Introduction of The Untethered Soul:

“In the following chapters, we will undertake a journey of exploration of ‘self’. But we will not do so in a traditional manner. We will neither call upon the experts in psychology nor upon the great philosophers. We will not argue and choose between time-honored religious views, or resort to statistically supported surveys of people’s opinions. We will, instead, turn to a single source that has phenomenal direct knowledge on the subject. We will turn to one expert who, for every moment of every day of their life, has been collecting the data necessary to finally put this great inquiry to rest. And that expert is you.” ~ Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

Next week: Chapter Two ~ Your Inner Roommate

Chapter One Review ~ The Voices in my Head (original post from March)

~ Namaste

6 thoughts on “Putting my Spiritual House in Order

  1. You’ve got this Sue…I believe that will actually help you in the Nano Writing process! Just breathe and let it out….let if flow… Love you tons!

    Liked by 1 person

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