Poetry: Never Was

I was inspired to write this poem after hearing the words, “I wanted so much for us.” The man saying those words was Albert Einstein as he cried and said goodbye to his two young sons and his wife as they boarded a train for Switzerland. The tears of the children, the wife, and Albert reminded me of a  time in my life many years ago; a tearful goodbye.

This poem is for all those who have suffered the loss of a dream, of a future that never was.

I wanted so much for us,
a future
that never came

a long life of love and laughter
that never was

I wanted so much for us,
children and memories made
photographs and scrapbooks

a life like our parents
or the life they portrayed

I wanted so much for us,
to grow old together on the porch
rocking in our chairs

to hold hands
as our eyes and hair turned gray

I wanted so much for us,
to say in those late years
ah, what a love we’ve shared”

I wanted so much for us,
that never was
and never came

Poetry: Forever Free

come with me, out to sea
only there can we be free

do not despair, let out your air
float with me, inside the sea

take my hand, for what we stand
in love and loss, this is our cost

swallow deep, the salty sea
drink it up, and sink with me

one last breath, one last look
upon the love, whose life I took

out to sea, forever free
my love and me


Note: I wrote this poem about characters in my first novel. The lovers are trapped in a hurricane on a barrier island in the south.

The Big Catch

This weekend I met the man I married over thirty years ago on the dock of Curlew Lake.

He was fishing in his green Camo coat and hat, patiently waiting for the fish to bite. He is happiest with a rod and reel in his hand – his form of meditation. 

I ventured out on the dock in the wee hours to bring him his “Monster” morning caffeine and sit for a while. And there he was, smiling, happy and content.

I snuck back into the warm cabin to write and found myself watching him through the cabin window. He’s never met a stranger and was shaking hands with his fellow anglers as they joined him for the early morning catch.  I could see them all laughing and talking, sharing tall tales of the one that got away. 

I found myself watching him in his element… he was happy.  In these moments he radiates an energy that is both loving and welcoming. And when I am close enough I can “catch” his energy that radiates love, and joy in the simple life.

I guess I’m fishing too – fishing for that still quiet place in my heart and mind where I can find peace and happiness. And wouldn’t you know it, there it is outside my cabin window on the dock, my happy place, my joy – my husband, with that smile of his that “caught” me over thirty years ago.

Fortunately not all the good ones get away!