Poetry ~ Dangling Hearts

Like the cords of my headphones,
my heart is tangled in knots.

My fingers fumble
to unravel and untwist. 
Why must the knots persist?

With each tug, the knots tighten.
With each twist, more knots appear.

Knots of frustration,

I surrender.
Because I know to untangle,
I must let go of the knots

Poetry ~ Mistress of the Realm

Mystic Musing Sepia2
Art by Sue Viseth

Mistress of the Realm

I am the one who hangs the moon
and shifts the seas and sand.
I place the stars upon the sky,
they ‘light’ at my command.

I create the ‘other-worlds’
with mountains stretching tall
and deep upon the ocean floor
my mermaids come to call.

I fly upon the dragon’s back
breathing fire through the air
and land beyond my castle moor
~ enter if you dare!

I scatter seeds upon the ground
where forests grow anew.
I stretch and twist ~ distort my world
to suit my point of view.

I strike my wand upon my throne
and cast the tyrants out
one by one or all at once
their bones are tossed about.

And if by chance I have regrets
and wither from my plight
I conjure up a magic spell
and burn the cauldron bright!

I am the mistress of my realm
beyond this earthly sphere
a land of myth and magic
in which I disappear.