Poetry ~ Dare I say

Dare I say…
It’s all too much
Too hot a summer’s day

Dare I say…
I don’t want to care
I want to run away

Dare I say…
I crave the rain

I need a storm today

Dare I say…
I love too much
the chaos of a stormy day

Poetry ~ Traveler in the Mist

what lay beyond the forest mist?
     lush with liquor the alpines twist 
tangled trunks of a drunken squall
     grip the mountain’s jagged wall
and high upon the savaged summit
     a weary traveler finds no comfort
withering amongst the alpine ghosts
     the traveler scrawls his last riposte
upon the mist, he sends a prayer
     to his beloved –  do not despair!
then with a mournful climactic cry
     his prayer escapes and soaks the sky!
so when you walk within the mist
     beware the liquor distilled of flesh
of weary travelers whose last request
    fell from the sky where they came to rest
forest mist

Poetry By Sue