Do you remember the night the lights flashed in our eyes?
And we knew we were in trouble with our big little lies.
But we gambled on forgiveness since permission wasn’t sought,
knowing all along we’d eventually get caught!
But your eyes looked like honey in the moonlight after dark
and you kissed my lips so gently when you put the car in park.
And we fogged up the windows when the kissing got too hot!
Then the car flashed with light and we were busted by the cops!
But young love is resilient and our devotion never swayed,
laws may be broken but young hearts must be obeyed!

17 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Young Love

  1. Made me think of my favorite Bob Seger song (singer and writer): ‘Night Moves’. I was gunna to paste some lyrics here, but I’ll let you look ’em up. Longing for a more innocent time, “with autumn closing in.” Well done, Sue.

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  2. This was a fun read. Ahh, old memories of hot and heavy! Loved the line – “But we gambled on forgiveness since permission wasn’t sought,” Isn’t that like the old cliche – “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”. There must be some truth in there somewhere!

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  3. Wonderful last line! From a youth I can tell that nothing else really matters besides satisfying the heart. I guess it is what makes youth so vulnerable, but foolish at the same time. Keep writing. I love the mood of this piece.

    – Locke Dor

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