Poetry ~ Stillness Speaks

Today I will take the first step
to slow down and catch my breath. 

And find, as the season’s pass,
a gentler world where my soul can laugh. 

Where I alone create my future
and choose the life I wish to nurture. 

A place where – stillness speaks
when you’re ready to listen.
And laughter echoes in recognition 

of what you thought was surely true
and now you see you never knew. 

Poetry ~ Whispers

Do you listen to the whispers of your heart
or do you wait for the screaming to start?

Don’t let people tell you those whispers are lies!
Let the doubters see the truth through your eyes.

Trust your foresight, your third-eye, your intuition.
Listen to your heart’s inner recognition. 

And if the mind tells you the heart doesn’t matter,
quiet the mind and follow the latter. 

Trust when your heart whispers – it’s real and true.
Act on your instincts; and you’ll know what to do.

Poetry ~ Mermaids

Last night I had a dream that mermaids came to play

and they splashed in the stars of the bright Milky Way. 

They wore salt water sparkles that glistened in the moon,

their hair beaded in gold like the sun in late June. 

They gathered on the shore of the universe to sing

a haunting refrain for the ancient sea queen. 

Then slowly the stars rippled and spilled from my head

off the edge of the universe as the mermaids fled. 

I watched as they swam beyond the great milky reef

and I awakened at sunrise with a deep belief.

That mermaids are real! Even if only in my mind.

And that I, in my own way, am one of their kind!