Welcome to the Order of the self-proclaimed elite,
who litter words like mocking birds and glitter all the streets!

Where trash and treasure are the only measures to which you must adhere.
And all your thoughts may be disposed in the Order’s boundless sphere.

Where some lock their gates in a circuitous chase to limit who gets through
and relegate their love and hate with their chosen point of view.

Others murder words and herd their verse for readers who flock like sheep.
Or rant in prose and overexpose in hopes of a consoling critique.

And here you are,

reading along,

ready to cast your stones!

Or maybe … just maybe,

you’re one of the few

who’ll rummage through

and pluck glitter from the bones.

13 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Glitter from the Bones

  1. If poetry is written to elicit an emotional response from the reader, this poem does that and more for me. I enjoyed the rhythm and the rhyme, especially the internal line sounds. The layout change is great. Most importantly, I have to wonder which I am: a glitter picker or a mocking bird. Another great one!

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  2. I really liked this, Sue! The rhythm and the rhyming sucked me in. It’s so descriptive, I can see the artist in you at work. The words made me pause and think.

    Liked by 1 person

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