I am excited about this year’s A to Z challenge!

My theme is whimsical, paradoxical and playful.  As an aspiring writer and poet, I enjoy playing with words. So, during this journey, I will assume the role of “The Playful Poet”by pairing two seemingly opposite words. And, just to add a wee bit of complexity, I’ll incorporate alliteration when pairing the words. Next, I’ll give you my whimsical take on their combined meaning.  And finally, I’ll wrap up each post with a short poem to illuminate the meaning of the words.

I’m also participating in National Poetry Writing Month, NaPoWriMo, so I’ll also be posting one of my poems on Sundays.

Here’s a teaser of The Playful Poet at work with the letter “S”:

Silently Speaking: when facial expressions are louder than the spoken word

She stood firmly with her feet on the ground
fists clenched at her side not making a sound
her eyes squeezed tight
she was ready and prepared for a fight
then her mouth fell open  like the dead
a silent scream, but nothing was said
her body restrained from the violence
with the deafening sound of her silence

I hope you’ll stop by and follow me, The Playful Poet, on a whimsical and paradoxical journey from A to Z.  I know you’re all busy so I’ll try and keep my posts short – no more than 300 words. Mark your calendars for April 1st – no foolin’

~ Sue
An aspiring poet on

An Artist’s Path

38 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

  1. Love this. I really appreciate other people’s poetry, although I can’t compose any poems myself without sounding childish. I’m looking forward to reading some of your posts 🙂


  2. Wow! That was amazing!
    I have always found it difficult to express my thoughts through poetry. Reading your work is sure going to get off the fear I have of poetry. I do enjoy reading it, though, but writing it is another thing, altogether!

    Wish you the very best!

    Liked by 1 person

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