Fragrantly Flatulent: the sweet aroma of rasping wind (I know that sounds, or smells, like a stretch, but work with me here LOL.)

Poem ~

She grazed on flowers from her garden with ease,
nasturtiums, pansies, and chrysanthemum leaves.
Then she devoured the fruits of the trees,
lemons, limes, apples, and jujubes.
As flowers and fruit churned within
she released
rasping her fragrant winds.

20 thoughts on “F – Fragrantly Flatulent

  1. LOL! I so enjoyed this one, Sue!

    You know, I always am nervous reading poetry. As I revealed in my Comments post, I find it difficult to understand it as well as others do. But, your work here makes me want to read more! I am so enjoying them all!

    Apologies for not having visited earlier!

    Liked by 1 person

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