lizzie photos

Did they find my missing body
 at the bottom of the lagoon?
The water here is brackish
and leeches a dark perfume.

Tread carefully in the marsh
for the mud is thigh-high deep.
My killer knows this firsthand,
he sank where the gators creep.

A fitting end for the coward
with an ego too large and bold,
but he met his match
when I hexed his ass,

now his body’s growing cold!

Deep in these black waters,
I watch my body bloat
and laugh that only in death
did I finally learned to float!

You may not think this funny,
how in death I can be so crass,
but darling from my point of view
I could cry or choose to laugh.

Life was much too serious
and I played a wicked role
now I’m floating in this swamp
as a disembodied soul!

I wonder if when they find me
they’ll write the story of my life
about the old eclectic spinster,
witch, poet, and no one’s wife.

As for you my ruthless darling,
killing me was your final pursuit.
Oh how the gators love the taste
of a man of ill repute.

Life is often fatal,
but in death, I’ve been avenged.
There’s nothing like the taste
of Lizzie’s sweet revenge!

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