Poetry ~ The Sound of Darkness

Are you listening
to the darkness?


come closer
come inside

don’t be afraid
there’s no need to hide

close your eyes and listen
don’t tell me you can’t hear

the enchanting sound of darkness
whispering in your ear

for not all answers can be found in illuminating light

true insights are revealed in the quiet darkness of the night

“Life’s waters flow from the darkness. Search the darkness, don’t run from it.” ~ Rumi

Poetry ~ Last Light

Last Light

‘Twas half-past sunset when the sky lost its light
and we ran through the forest playing chase through the night

I lost sight of your shadow as you ran toward the woods
then the sky went black and I froze where I stood

the sound of the howling gripped my heart with fear
on that dark winter night when your shadow disappeared

two decades past, and I still fear last light
and remember in horror the sounds of that night

the night you went missing, into the howling sounds
lost to the darkness, to the woods, and never found