Fog fills her head rendering her numb

there is nothing to feel, see or hear

save the rumbling chorus of the half dead

mutants crouched behind dumpsters

sheltered under blankets in doorways

hidden in plain sight

the unseen fog-filled beings of the night

a foreshadowing of a zombie apocalypse

induced by greed; sustained through apathy

by day the world is too loud, too bright

she cannot control the chaos in her head

she must find the fog to smother her thoughts

swallow the light and muffle the noise

her heart is filled with dread

she cannot force a smile

or look you in the eye

only through her light

burning inside

can she confront

the fog

that is taking

her life

This poem is dedicated to all the lost souls battling addiction. May you find your light❤️

9 thoughts on “Poetry ~ The Fog

  1. Wow. You put the experience of suffering with addiction and/or mental illness into words so well that I felt it deep within my own chest. I look forward to reading your writings in the future. Love and Light to you My Friend 😊

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  2. Indeed. And like the rings from a pebble tossed to the pond, the tragedy reaches out to all until there is no one else. Great poem reflecting a sadness of life and a weakness of our human condition. How thin her veil must be,

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    1. Thanks for reading, Bill. Addiction seems to touch every family these days. It’s so tragic to see such bright, talented youth lost in the fog of addiction, many never to return.

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  3. Great dedication, Sue, and graphically said in your own distinct writing style.
    Oh, that awful, insidious fog that numbs the mind.
    Only those who have trodden that path know it’s deadly vile.
    It is understood by few and judged by many.
    There is a great TedTalk by Johann Hari bringing a different perspective to addiction, well worth watching.
    It’s called “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong”.
    I have my own tale to tell, but there is so much shame surrounding addiction that I’m not brave enough yet.

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    1. Thanks for the TED talk info, Ally. I will look that up. I understand the judgments around addiction. More than one family member has struggled with drugs & alcohol. Sending love and hugs❤️

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