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Dear Readers,

A Mystic’s Wanderings is the culmination of three years of writing poetry and it’s finally published! To my poet and writer friends who blog here, I encourage you to try the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, formerly Create Space) platform to publish your work. I know there are other self-publishing platforms, but I found KDP to be intuitive with great tutorials. 

Now I’m off to finish editing my memoir and novel. Best of luck to all the creative folks here in the blogosphere!

Your Mystic among the stars,  ~ Sue


36 thoughts on “Published: A Mystic’s Wanderings

      1. Sue, with your approval, I plan to use this cover as a prompt at a writer’s meeting tonight, along with the poem ‘Scattered.’ If you do not approve, please let me know. I’ll suggest the book, of course, and tell them how to get it. But so far, not many have signed up for the meeting.

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      1. Yes it is…but you do it for yourself finally! Remember the days it brought you joy to just express what it felt! I’m sure there will be stones that would be thrown at us…but I guess that is the risk every artist has to take..or suffer the consequences of never expressing our soul. All will be well.

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