Hello Friends,

It was time for a change so I’ve updated my WordPress theme! It’s a work in progress and I still have some kinks to work out, so please let me know if you see anything out of place. You’ll have to “visit” my blog to see the new look.

I chose the Libretto theme and went for a softer visual look. I’m also playing around with the new block editor – what a pain in the tush!

On the publishing front, I’m working on a second book of poetry! It has a darker edge than my first book. Currently, I’m thinking the title will be, Reflections from the Darkness. More to come as I may test some of my ideas here for your review and input.

Yours under the stars, ~ Sue

14 thoughts on “New WordPress Theme

  1. I like this, Sue. Looks good, but I cannot find any kind of menu. You are placing widgets at the bottom. If you ever want one, I suppose it would go there. It is a soft, comforting page without distractions. Good choice.

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    1. Thanks, Bill. I’m working on the menu. I’ve linked the about page and it’s suppose to show at the top, but obviously not working yet. Glad you like the new look.

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  2. Sue, I agree with Ally your theme is soft and mystical. I have difficulty remembering how to get the menu at the top. I believe you go to customize, menus, primary menu, categories. At least, that is how mine worked. Good luck with your new theme!

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