Where were you the day the sun lost its shine, and all went dark for the very last time? I remember our world before we lost the light, before the sun went missing and we were trapped in the night. There was a feeling called warmth and a color called green that painted a forest once filled with trees. They tried to warn us that the end times were nigh, but no one knew the sun would leave the sky. That was decades ago before the cosmic faux pas that hurled earth into darkness and stripped the land raw. Now humanity withers deep underground in search of a sun that will never be found.

15 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Lost Sun

  1. I know right?? It’s a rather dystopian view of the future but in light of recent climate events around the globe it seems anything is possible 😩


  2. I really like what you did here, Sue. Such a poem puts you in good company, IMO.
    “Darkness” is a poem written by Lord Byron in July 1816, The Year Without a Summer, because Mount Tambora erupted in the Dutch East Indies the previous year, throwing sulphur into the atmosphere reducing global temperatures. That ‘pall of darkness’ inspired Byron to write his poem. “Lost Sun” seems such a poem. Wonderful.

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    1. Wow. Thanks for the compliment, Bill. I’m a big fan of Lord Byron but had not read “Darkness”. I don’t know that I’ll ever be a Poet of Byron’s caliber but I appreciate the comparison 😊

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