10 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Searching

  1. Me either! Since I began planting this half acre garden paradise five years ago, that fact has become more and more apparent. I think we are all here to create, though that creation takes many different and sometimes circuitous forms. Nicely done! 💜

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    1. Thanks, Bela. We recently retired and moved to a rural area out on 76 acres filled with Meadows, aspen groves and pine forests. I find myself wandering the property and wondering whether I should bother with a flower garden or just leave things natural. Any garden I create will require a six foot fence to keep the deer out so we’ve decided to wait until next spring before making a decision.

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      1. Yes, Sue, when we lived in Maine on 65 wooded acres, I carved out a garden spot or three, but you are right, we always had to concern ourselves with the deer and raccoons getting in. One year they ate all my tulips right down to nubs. It was discouraging, to say the least.

        Here in Hawaii, we do have wild pigs we need to fence out, which we did anyway because we wanted privacy fencing on this +half acre. It’s a lot less property than we are used to, but we have created a virtual private paradise inside those gates. I would totally understand whatever anybody had to do to enjoy where they’re at, rather than being enslaved to their creation! Aloha. 🤗

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