I'm coming up on
and realized

I've lived through
other times,
the way back days,
as the grand-kids say.

Some might call 'em
the good old days.

Looking back, I see my
early life in black and white,
television shows in shades of grey,
and TV dinners in aluminum trays. 

Walter Cronkite broadcast the news
of a war in the jungle; we were
destined to lose.

The Ed Sullivan show
was Mama's fave she even
let us stay up late to see the debut
of a British boy band with long
hair wearing black suits.

It takes a long life,
to reflect upon your
I've been blessed.
I am grateful.
With every

I'm still amazed!

25 thoughts on “Poetry ~ The Way Back Days

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Sue.
    I’ve lived all my life on the African continent and yet I can relate to so much of this. The long-haired British boy band the black and white TVs.
    I always wanted to try a TV dinner, but those were unheard of in Zimbabwe when I was growing up.
    I too am grateful to have lived in that era and to have experienced so much change…

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    1. There’s been so much change and innovation over our lifetime and we’ve still got a few decades ahead, God willing. I’m curious to see what the future holds!😊

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  2. Sometimes i reflect on those times. It’s almost unbelievable, really. Exactly as you say. Throw in some Jackie Gleason, and you’ve got it. Red Skelton. And as the b/w tv wound the evening down, when we were allowed to watch it, which wasn’t often – remember the ‘this is a test of the emergency broadcast system’ logo? Aye-yiyi! xoxo

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