Meet me in October
at the coffee house on Maple Drive
where leaves of every color
make autumn come alive!

We'll sip pumpkin spiced lattes,
and snuggle by the fire,
reminisce and gossip
of how fast a year goes by!

And when our cups are empty,
I'll slip a kiss upon your cheek
and watch you fade into the autumn mist
until again we meet.

20 thoughts on “Poetry ~ October

  1. You know, sometimes a poem is just right. This one is.
    A local on line this morning, “You can tell it’s October by the autumn nip of 93 degrees.” Please push cold air south. We’re melting. Iced latte for me please.

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  2. Lovely. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I wrote a a poem once called “I hope Old Age is like Autumn.” My words are not as eloquent as yours. Very well written.

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