Welcome to a new form of social awkwardness. Have you noticed the increase of talking heads on the television screen, all logged in from home or undisclosed locations? I cringe as they begin talking over each other, pausing in unison, before starting up again. Non verbal cues, yet to be automated, lost with social distancing. You can see the angst on their faces as they attempt to navigate this new reality.  They're doing the best they can. We’re all doing our best. 
My favorite morning trio on CNBC.
Polly recommends you turn off the television.
Pippy is still transfixed by the growing number of virus cases and deaths.
Penny suggests they ditch the mustard-colored backdrops. Not a good look.

For details on this trio, Polly, Pippy and Penny, see my original post here.

8 thoughts on “Talking Heads

  1. Yes. Where this will lead should be interesting. Suddenly, on line education is important, a month ago I didn’t know what Zoom was, now I’m a rookie actor talking head. I think this home delivery thing may be a good idea even without the threats of disease. The song Turn, Turn, Turn plays in my head as Change, Change, Change. Germs are very dangerous to us humans and we need to prepare better (is that gonna happen?).

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    1. I hope we learn some lessons from this experience. For all the warnings from scientists we were wholly unprepared for this pandemic. That should never happen again. Stay well and enjoy home delivery 🤗

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  2. LOL!
    Okay, YES, so much so that when I set up my lil work-at-home desk, I thought, oh no, my bookshelves should be behind me — until I realized no one will bloody see me! LOL OH LOL! YES! I have noticed!


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