Welcome to our new reality: a surreal global nightmare where humanity fights an unseen threat, together, while apart. Are we living in a Stephen King novel? Let's hope he doesn't get to write the ending.
For those of you who read Stephen King or watch his movies, you know what I mean. Some of those endings are...how shall I say....cray-cray???
And now for the latest development in our surreal world - face masks! You knew this was coming, right? I think it's a necessary precaution and an impactful visual reminder of our new reality. Will you be wearing one?
Pippy wants to remind you that "this too shall pass".
Polly is sending a virtual hug!
Penny has always worn a mask. 

For background on this dynamic trio of commentators, read my original blog here.

Be well, and stay home, people of the world! If you must go out, wear your mask!

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