This poem was written for day five of the NaPoWriMo poetry prompt: Twenty Little Poetry Projects. I had fun attempting to incorporate all twenty prompts! I hope you enjoy, and remember, as Oscar Wilde says, "Life is too important to be taken seriously."
the sky is my canvas
i am the shooting star you see
i can taste your laughter through 
the salt in my tears
but you are no Christopher Columbus 
and have never sailed the seven seas
i am no star in the night sky
a simple mermaid struggling to be free
suffering in twilight
knowing the virus is coming for me 
but that fish wont bite
with the pearly white teeth of time
or cause the moon to explode in the sky
lest i swim against the tide
to gaze into a cracked crystal ball
declaring the sky empty of stars
as the moon laughs 
and the last star sinks into the sea


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