Today's NaPoWriMo poetry prompt asks us to:
"fill out, in five minutes or less, the Almanac Questionnaire.
Then, use your responses as the basis for a poem."  I found this
prompt humorous and tried to have fun with the poem that
emerged. You can find the Almanac Questionnaire here.
Near the end of our journey
the weather turned blustery.
The landscape came alive,
erupting in budding green shoots.
Upon arrival at the chalet we exchanged
elbow bumps and air kisses as we
watched ground squirrels climb
rows of stacked rocks.
"Rock art," our host commented,
"a new form of rural graffiti".
Shortly thereafter, a rain drenched
Bard arrived on horseback wearing
swanky pajamas pants and declared
he was player one from the matrix.
"I knew it!" I screamed. 
"None of this is real!" I swallowed
another blue pill and was
transported to my grammar school
on Hampton Street with my hero, Neo.
I was startled back to reality
when our host shouted, 
"Don't drink the bleach!" My thoughts
scattered to visions of dragons and
Daddy reading "Uncle Remus" behind a 
a dumpster in an alley near Canada
where a sign reads: "No Americans Allowed"
Oh, how I fear the beliefs that divide us.
I long for the vistas of a virus-free rural countryside.

14 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Journey through the Almanac

  1. Now, I don’t care who ya are: that’s funny. As everyone knows, spray disinfectant into your nose and only gargle with the bleach, mixed 50/50 with distilled water. That is the best sarcasm I have for today. Loved the poem, Sue. Stay safe and change the channel.

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  2. That was somehow good and surreal and funny and sad all at once, so very well done, as that’s how we’re livin, eh? You’ve got your pen on the pulse!
    Uncle Remus — man that reminds me of my daddy ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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