35 thoughts on “Poetry ~ America

    1. Trust me, it was an effort to put a positive spin on this poem! The first two drafts were very negative and more in line with how I truly feel. But I thought I should try and put some positive energy out in this negative world🇺🇸😊

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  1. you did well, its all to easy for us to be led by the negativity in the world at this time…hopefully balance will prevail and conversation will begin, followed by unity throughout humankind.

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  2. Really beautiful. I see the purple here as a blending of red and blue. As for the healing we all seek, there is only one person that can begin the process. And he’s not sitting in the White House.

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      1. My pleasure Sue. We watched the fireworks. We were happy last night. For a moment we forgot what’s really going on around us. America is the most beautiful dream and I don’t want that dream to die.
        Sending you love.

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