there is a darkness on the edge of town
it's shifting, cracking, severing the ground
creating a hollow, shallow grave
where the hearts of men are found

but you must not let the darkness in
for the darkness feeds on 'us and them'
and devours wholly, the hearts of men
seeding the weeds of hatred within

a simple mask was all they asked
to keep the darkness at bay
but the heartless men proclaimed that
their freedom was too high a price to pay

and so the darkness cloaked the town
where many since have died
'your neighbor's death for your freedom'
the mourning town folk cried!

21 thoughts on “Poetry ~ The Edge of Town

  1. This is outstanding! You nailed it Sue. The Colorado Governor just said that wearing a mask is the ticket to freedom, including for opening up the economy again. You want things to be better? Wear a mask!

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    1. Thanks, Ally. We live in a rural area in eastern Washington State. When we go into town it’s about 50/50 mask wearing 😷 Those against masks have been protesting on the corner in town. Not surprisingly, our cases are going up. I’m just baffled that something as simple as a mask is so controversial 😔

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  2. Well written, Sue. In SouthAfrica it is against the law to not wear a mask, it kind of levels the playing grounds because if you don’t, you could be fined…
    it baffles me how divided some people have become because of a mask.

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  3. Sue,
    This is a powerful poem. Sometimes poetry is the perfect way to process what we are going through. I am always seeking to understand and I still don’t understand this one.
    Wishing you wellness.

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