This poem, along with three others, was written a few weeks ago during a severe bout of vertigo. Whenever I closed my eyes, the world began to spin. There was no chance of sleep, so my brain went into verse mode.

the walls of my mind
are no longer square or plum
i'm off kilter
walking sideways against the grain
out of alignment with the right-sided world
my safe haven: stillness
where poetry flows
like a river in reverse
spilling words onto the page
scattered in a dizzying array
of possibilities
creating the abstract verse
of vertigo


38 thoughts on “Poetry ~Vertigo

    1. Thanks, Jean! It’s only the second time I’ve had vertigo and it’s been since we started the remodel. I think it’s brought in when I have to work on the ceiling…so no more of that for me😉


      1. Sounds similar to what I experienced during yoga when I was trying to do a backbend type pose…something about looking up and backwards throws my balance off.


  1. Wonderful poem, Sue.
    I pictured a poet softly bouncing off the walls, pen to paper the whole time.
    I decided to look up ‘abstract’ — what an interesting word. It certainly belongs with vertigo.
    Be well.

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  2. This is so good, Sue! This is exactly the way I feel as I watched the events of the past month play out over and over on the evening News! Amazing how it can be applied beyond what you intended! Thank you.

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  3. In catching up, I can’t read everything, but I knew I had to read this and I’m glad I saved it. You wrote it well, I wasn’t expecting the words to be the spill 😉 I have been having what I would consider a vertigo “relapse” the last few weeks, so you’re not alone. I hope you are feeling better?

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    1. Thanks for reading, Joey. My vertigo lasted a little more than 24 hours and hadn’t reoccurred. I’ve only had it that bad one other time a few years ago. Worst part for me was not being able to close my eyes to sleep. I would start spinning! I sure hope you’re feeling better😊

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