Photo credit: J Hardy Carroll

The Lost Lumanians


“Gather around, children,” the first-grade teacher beckoned.

“You are old enough to hear the story of the Lumanians, an advanced civilization that lived on earth long before humans. They were people of the light and masters of sound. Their thoughts traveled on sound waves.”

“What happened to them?” a young student asked.

“We don’t know. Some believe they still walk among us. Let’s try an experiment.”

The teacher sounded a golden pitchfork.

“Who can hear this sound?”

Three small hands went up.

“Come with me,” the teacher demanded.

“Where are we going?” the three children cried.

“To meet your ancestors.”


This is my second entry in the Friday Fictioneers, flash fiction challenge. A big shout out to Rochelle @ Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple for hosting Friday Fictioneers. The weekly challenge is to write a story based on the photo prompt, provided today by J.Hardy Carroll. My challenge was to write a complete story in 100 words or less. This entry is exactly 100 words! I hope you enjoyed.

45 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Lost Lumanians

  1. Not sure I like the idea of teachers testing kids for special powers and taking them to meet strangers without their parents’ knowledge or consent, but I do like the idea of an enlightened species that we might get reacquainted with. Good story!


    1. Thanks Rochelle. The story could go either way, I think. The teacher is either part of an enlightened movement trying to save the children or maybe there is something sinister going on. Thanks for reading 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading. Yes, the story could go either way…good or evil. My intention was a reuniting of an enlightened civilization, but many have read it as sinister.


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