Photo prompt by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The couple sat in the car staring at the sign on the door.

“You know what this means,” he muttered.

“Nope,” she quipped.


“I am. I know,” she giggled. “But hey, whatcha gonna do?”

“We’re gonna win this thing! That’s what we’re gonna do.”

He’s so competitive, she thought, as she watched him flip through the Down Island Murder Mystery pamphlet. This was their third murder mystery weekend of the summer. They’d solved the first two.

 “Ah-ha! We’re going in!” he exclaimed

“But it says Nope,” she persisted.

“It’s an anagram,” he smiled.

“It’s OPEN! Let the games begin!”


This is my fourth attempt at flash fiction for the Friday Fictioneers. A big shout out to Rochelle @Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple for hosting Friday Fictioneers. The weekly challenge is to write a story based on the photo prompt, provided today by Rochelle. My challenge was to write a complete story in 100 words or less. This entry was exactly 100 words!

51 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Murder Mystery

    1. Having participated in murder mysteries the use of anagrams is common. Simply move the letter N to the end and you have the word ‘Open’. A fun play on words. Thanks for reading 😊

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  1. A belated welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I’ve been doing these for a few years now and have quite a collection. which I need to collate and put in some kind of order. I seem to be great at the creation side of things, but not great on the organization side. Funny that.
    I enjoyed your take on the prompt and it took me into another world. Sounds like a great weekend away.I could use one of those.
    Best wishes,


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