black birds flying from left to right
salt over your shoulder as the clock strikes midnight

blue bottle trees keep the haints at bay
boo hags on the bedpost suck your breath away 

black cats lurking to cross your path
jump the cracks or face the reaper's wrath

stare in the mirror but don't dare blink
gurgling sounds rise from the sink

a pin in the poppet inflicts the pain
an evil eyed curse to jinx your name

ominous clouds shroud the hunter's moon
witches of the night mount their brooms

bonfires blaze on all hallows eve
omens portend the future if you believe

13 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Omens

  1. Nice poem, Sue. It is a fun time of year; my favorite.

    What I believe depends. I often “suspend belief” for my personal enjoyment or convenience.

    However, I believe in science. Yet even there, I practice skeptical discernment.

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  2. It’s always interesting to find out where superstitions originate like touch wood originated from pagans who believed in tree spirits that protected them. I feel that could definitely be my thing as I think trees do protect us in more ways than we realize. I can’t do the mirror one though because I do mosaics and I love broken mirrors.
    I love your poem, it reminds me of my Mum and some of the old wives tales she used to tell me…She wouldn’t even let me bring arum lilies into the house.

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    1. I think most of my superstitions came from my grandmother. Our family is from the low country in South Carolina where boo hags and haints haunt folks and everyone hangs blue bottles on the trees to capture spirits. I agree with you on the magical power of trees😊

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