The world of my youth
is coming apart.
I am living in a
science fiction novel
where earthlings
thrash about in cyber space,
divided by ancient beliefs.
I am witness to
virtual tweeting tribes 
take up arms and battle
to defend their reality.
if reality is relative
how do we unite around
differing views
fake news?
I fear
humanity has been hacked,
the malware activated.
There is no turning back
to the world of my youth
it has come apart.

20 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Coming Apart

  1. Unfortunately that’s the way I see things as well. Such a well thought-out composition – as poets scribble what we think, making us think we thought the same thing all along. Brilliant again!

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  2. Dearest Sue, I feel this so deeply in my spirit, you said it so well. This thought broke me a few days ago, but there is another voice in the silence, making itself known in “the coming apart”, if only we could stay silent long enough to hear it.


  3. We live in a very different world to the virtual innocence of my youth . It used to be if you wanted to know something you would respectfully ask someone older and wiser usually my Grandfather, now kids just google it .
    A crazy world where opinion is formed by whats ” trending ” I long for simpler times .

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    1. Sorry to make you cry, Michele 🥲 I think as we get older we long for simpler times. We have a perspective and world view we didn’t have when we were young. I remain hopeful but aware that the world as we knew it will never be the same.

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  4. Beautiful, we are witnessing a shift in our understanding of everything…I feel like I have been crying for weeks now, maybe on a soul level I am, we have experienced such loss…we can only hope for better days to come xxxx

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