My Coronavirus Commentary: Surreal

Welcome to our new reality: a surreal global nightmare where humanity fights an unseen threat, together, while apart. Are we living in a Stephen King novel? Let's hope he doesn't get to write the ending.
For those of you who read Stephen King or watch his movies, you know what I mean. Some of those endings shall I say....cray-cray???
And now for the latest development in our surreal world - face masks! You knew this was coming, right? I think it's a necessary precaution and an impactful visual reminder of our new reality. Will you be wearing one?
Pippy wants to remind you that "this too shall pass".
Polly is sending a virtual hug!
Penny has always worn a mask. 

For background on this dynamic trio of commentators, read my original blog here.

Be well, and stay home, people of the world! If you must go out, wear your mask!

Talking Heads

Welcome to a new form of social awkwardness. Have you noticed the increase of talking heads on the television screen, all logged in from home or undisclosed locations? I cringe as they begin talking over each other, pausing in unison, before starting up again. Non verbal cues, yet to be automated, lost with social distancing. You can see the angst on their faces as they attempt to navigate this new reality.  They're doing the best they can. We’re all doing our best. 
My favorite morning trio on CNBC.
Polly recommends you turn off the television.
Pippy is still transfixed by the growing number of virus cases and deaths.
Penny suggests they ditch the mustard-colored backdrops. Not a good look.

For details on this trio, Polly, Pippy and Penny, see my original post here.

My Coronavirus Commentary

During this stay-at-home, try not to lose your mind, pandemic spring, I was going to write a poem a day as part of National Poetry Writing Month, NaPoWriMo, but my poetic muse is self-isolating. So, instead, I'm going to channel three of my favorite characters, Polly, Pippy, and Penny in a dark commentary as a way to cope. 

I'm often accused of being a Pollyanna, proudly wearing my rose-colored glasses.  If you've followed my poetry and spiritual posts you've seen Polly. She's empathetic, introspective, and wants to save the world. She's a mystic and believes in magic.

However, most of the time I channel my inner Pippy Long Stocking. She's a realist, independent, adventurous, stubborn and ornery. She says things like, "this too shall pass", "suck it up and soldier on," and "is this a difference that makes a difference?" She's often perceived as aloof and uncaring, and although she loves science and data, she feels deeply. Like Polly, she wants to stop the suffering of the world, but she employs a different approach.

Then there's the darker side - Penny.  She's named after Pennywise - you know, the clown from Steven King's novel, It. She likes dark humor, horror movies, and science fiction. If you follow my blog, you've read my dark poetry series and met Aunt Lizzie. Enough said.
In the days since the stay-at-home order in Washington State, I've adopted dark humor and let Penny run free. She relishes in news of the pandemic, 24/7. She tracks the numbers of infected and deaths on her calendar (or maybe that's Pippy). That sounds morbid as I write it, but I bet I'm not alone. 

As if surviving a global pandemic weren't enough, my husband and I are in the midst of a do-it-yourself bathroom/bedroom remodel? Yeah, this is sounding like a true horror story! But not to fear, Pippy is on the job! Tool belt and all. (Pictures forthcoming when this project is complete) Realistically, Pippy has no clue when the remodel will be finished. It's a difference that doesn't make a difference, she says, cause no one is coming to visit anyway. Did I mention that Pippy can be a bit of an Eeyore?
Polly reminds me to be grateful - as we all should. If I must be quarantined, I couldn't have a better partner. My husband is patient, tolerant and has a wicked sense of humor. He thinks I'm silly, and somewhat dramatic, which is good.  

A final message from Polly: Be safe, people of the world!
A final message from Pippy: We got this!  
Penny sneezes.