Poetry ~ The Visitors

The visitors arrived again last night
there are more of them now
nameless, faceless, yet familiar
and comforting 
my fear of the beast stalking humanity
keeps me up most nights,
tossing and turning
the visitors wait
they descend in the early morning hours
of my deep sleep
they are busy, doing something
I don't know what, but their presence
grows stronger 
maybe I will attempt lucid dreaming
and ask them who they are and why
they're here
but I think I know
the visitors are here to comfort
and protect me, maybe from my
own thoughts and imagination
but the virus is no imaginary beast
the virus is real
maybe the visitors are too

Poetry ~ Curve in the Road

The NaPoWriMo, day nine prompt,
asks us to write a concrete poem;
a poem that takes the shape of the theme of the poem.
I wrote this poem last year as part of
The Coven of Obscurity series but never posted it.
Please visit my blog to see the proper version. 
                              He went
                                  for a walk
                                      in the village
                                         and took the curve
                                           in the road ahead.
                                            It was lit in frosted
                                           streetlamps; he was
                                         curious where it led.
                                       The road meandered
                                     through dense forest,
                                  the woods were dark
                              and overgrown. In the
                          distance he heard a
                     cackle and feared he 
                 was not alone. Nearby
              he saw a sign, nailed
           to an old oak tree.
         The sign warned:
          this road belongs
            to the witches
               from the Coven
                 of Obscurity!
                   All trespassers
                      will be cursed
                        three by three!
                           Suddenly he
                             recalled the
                                folklore his
                           told; the story
                         of six deadly
                     witches who
                once cursed
           the curve
        in the