Poetry ~ Contagion

Are we safe,
hidden in the highlands,

hunkered down on the homestead;
are we far enough away? No one enters

the lands beyond our gate.
But the contagion needs no

invitation. The contagion
does not wait.

The highlands are infected.
The contagion rattles

at our gate.

Poetry ~ The Poet’s Mirror

a poet’s words,
descriptive, humbling,
sometimes harsh

like a mirror
they reflect the poet's
inner world

the notion of reflection,
often rejected by the poet

look closely, poet,
do you not see your 
reflection staring back at you

scowl not, critic,
for you too are reflected
in your judgment

Poetry ~ I Believe

I believe in hope
          even in moments of despair
I believe in trying
          even when helping seems futile
I believe in carrying on
          even when I’m not calm
I believe in science
          even when science is in a
          constant state of discovery 
I believe in staying close to those I love
          even when I must do so from a distance
I believe in humanity
          even though we're suffering
I believe "this too shall pass"
          even though we will be forever changed