Poetry ~ The Passage

some say, the sweetness of time 
is to enjoy its passage
yet i want to harness this moment
and not let go

the past wants me back
the future won’t wait
but here and now is where it’s at

oh, how i will savor

the sweetness of time's passage
with my presence

Friday Fictioneers: Madness

This is my maiden voyage into the realm of the Friday Fictioneers. I was encouraged by my fellow writer and poet, Bill @ Our Literary Journey. A big shout out to Rochelle @ Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple for hosting Friday Fictioneers. The weekly challenge she presents is to write a story based on the photo prompt, provided today by Ted Strutz. My challenge is to write a complete story in 100 words or less. Wish me luck!

Photo by Ted Strutz©
Story title: Madness
Genre: Mystery
Word Count: 99
“Are we a normal family,” he asked. 

"Shhh," I whispered. "We are a mad lot, we creatives, but you know that darling. You’re as mad as they come."

"Am I?" he sulked.

"How else do you explain the murals on our walls and the chain on the front door? I can only imagine what the place looks like to the outside world. The groundskeeper ran off after your last fit some decades ago."

"Has it been that long, Sister?"

"Longer, I fear, but one day when they open this house it will be a shrine to your creative madness."


Poetry ~ Shine

as a child born to the low country 
of South Carolina,

it was a well known fact
that the swelter of summer
caused women to glow,
men to sweat,
and a scant few
we’re said to shine

efforts to ward off
glowing, sweating, or
shining we’re met in earnest 

seasoning was discouraged 

retreat into the cold 
conditioned air
was remedy enough

the cure conjured
~ brain freeze

now, as an elder of the
northern highlands, 
in the dry heat of late summer, 

i prefer to season
and conjure up
my shine