Z – Zealous Zombies

Zealous Zombies:when the dead get lively

Poem ~

awakened from their nightmare

the blurred lines of life too long

the gnawing sound of their hunger

muted by the living’s song

they navigate by moonlight

listening for the faintest sound

and when their hunger’s sated

they crawl back underground

X – Xenomorphically Xerothermic

Xenomorphically Xerothermic:   a strange affection for dry climates, but more commonly used to impress friends in a game of scrabble

Poem ~

Circumstances required
imagination beyond the rules
coloring outside the lines is
not reserved for fools
awareness of possibilities
is all that’s required
to experience this world
and fulfill your desires
so, give freely your X-es
and blow me some Ohhs
it’s anyone’s game,
and anything goes